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2015-07-19, 05:08
My ecosystem consists of two UE SmartRatio in SB mode, iPad, and iPhone controlled by iPeng. I have several UE Mini Boom speakers and an Pioneer Airplay speaker. LMS is running on an iMac running OS X Yosemite.

Through iPeng I can sync the SmartRadios with the iPad and iPhone but when I add a Bluetooth or Airplay speaker to either the iPad or iPhone the sound on the speaker is delayed (out of sync with the radios). Are there anyways to force the Bluetooth/Airplay speakers to sync with the SmartRadios? I am definitely willing to pay for a plugin should one exist.

2015-07-19, 21:23
Bluetooth won't work. As of my experience Bluetooth connections don't have a stable latency - Bluetooth adapts the speed by which audio is being played back depending on the data rate achieved. So your Bluetooth speaker will drift back and forth.

Airplay is different. Airplay has a managed latency so in theory iPeng should be able to sync perfectly with an AirPlay device and do so automatically (from iOS 7 on, IIRC).
This, however, depends a bit on whether the AirPlay speaker adds additional latency or not. An AppleTV connected to a TV with a low-latency input ("Game Mode") will sync pretty well, the latency is 10ms or so and it's constant so hardly noticeable.

If that's not the case for you you can turn off iPeng's automatic latency compensation and try to set the delay manually. iPeng's setting is in the player settings under "Bitrate Limiting->Automatically set playback delay". Then you can try to manually set an offset in "Settings->Player Settings->Your Player->Synchronize->Player Audio Delay" in the web interface. But it might be hard, the AirPlay default of 2s is at the edge of what the server handles, if the AirPlay device adds more delay LMS might not accept that.

2015-07-19, 21:28
Oh, one more point: it might only work with files and random access services like Spotify, not radio.

2015-07-20, 05:58
Thanks Pippin! Following your pointers I have been able to add the AirPlay speaker to my setup without any noticeable sync delay. You certainly left no stone unturned in the functionality you added to iPeng.

2015-07-20, 20:35
And just to add for the community, the use case is the AirPlay speaker is in the shower room.

The extensibility that iPeng adds with using Apple devices lends itself very well to also reusing retired iPhones, etc. I know regret tossing out my old speaker cradle for the iPhone.

2015-07-21, 03:49
Yea, I know a lot of people use old iOS hardware as dedicated players.
With iPeng Classic that works with anything that runs at least iOS 4, I believe but unless you can also run iOS 5 sync won't work.
A second limitation unfortunately is that the background execution scheme for in-dock use is only really refined in iPeng 7/8 so with Classic you will have to leave the display on if you want it permanently remotely controllable (even if it's not playing). OTOH that gives you a nice info screen....