View Full Version : Slacker Album Art

Tony T
2015-07-16, 09:21
Seems that I'm only getting Album Art with Slacker about 25% of the time.
Been this way for a few months (not a big deal to me, as I'm listening, not looking)
(This occurs on both squeezebox server and my squeezebox.com)

Is there a setting or fix I'm missing?

2015-07-17, 13:11
I usually listen to Spotify on my Radio (via msb.com), but just switched over to Slacker to check. I'm just getting the Slacker logo, although on the Squeeze Commander screen on my phone I'm getting the artwork. When I switch back to Spotify, I'm getting artwork on both devices.

As I never bother to look, I have the Radio set to the time as a default. The artwork is better on the phone, anyway, as it's right next to me. And since the Boom and Duet don't show it and I use them more than the Radio, I've never noticed if Slacker ever showed anything different on the Radio.

2015-07-17, 14:09
My SB Radio gives album art on my free Slacker version. Maybe an ad comes on and causes album art to stop working??

Tony T
2015-07-20, 05:31
I forgot to mention I'm using the free slacker app on the SB (radio and touch).
Artwork showing ~25% of the time is not related to ads.
I used to get the artwork 100% of the time, but a few months ago the artwork only started showing about 25% of the time.
Anyway, as long as the music plays, it's not really a problem for me, but thought it was worth mentioning.