View Full Version : iTunes and Slimserver integration FAQ?

Dave Rodger
2004-12-11, 19:16
> From: Jesse David Hollington <jhollington (AT) gmail (DOT) com>
> Subject: [slim] iTunes and Slimserver integration FAQ?
> You would put /home/mp3 into your "iTunes Music Folder" entry.
> Basically SlimServer needs to cross-reference with iTunes where the
> music is actually physically stored.

OK--I thought I tried that before, but now I tried again and it works.

I now seem to be suffering from what some others report, though--the music
is all there, and the playlists (smartlists in my case) appear, but they are
all empty. Is there a permissions/rights issue around smartlists that I
need to be aware of?

Thanks again for any/all assistance that people can offer.