View Full Version : Remote Streaming stopped working after replacing router

2015-07-09, 12:06
Last night I replaced my Fios router and setup all the port forwarding as it should be.
My issue is weird and I still think it might have to do with my router but I'm not sure at this point what else to do.

I can login and get to my LMS remotely from the computer I want to stream from with no problems. That right there tells me my port forwarding is working.

For whatever reason though, my players aren't able to connect. I was using squeezelite to connect and stream and I've tried squeezeplay as well with no luck.

Port 9000 is the port I'm using and it is forwarded as mentioned.

What I've noticed on my server is this log, but I'm not sure if it has to do with my problem:

[15-07-09 10:04:02.3249] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::Players::_player s_error (337) Unable to get players from SN: Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor, retrying in 86400 seconds

Anyone have any ideas? I'm going to reboot when I get home as that's all I can think of to do next. hah

2015-07-09, 13:14
Oh Lord...

Well, it was my own mistake again. I forgot to add a rule for port 3483. Silly me. I minds well just check my own posts in the future: