View Full Version : Apple Music and Sonos

2015-06-30, 05:30
I see that Sonos is claiming Apple Music integration by the end of the year.

2015-07-13, 15:31
Well, you can play anything through AirPlay, so using ShairTunes will do the same for the Squeezebox

2015-07-15, 14:58
Hi pippin,

You mention that shaiplay copes with anything. I've not tried this plugin yet but... My use case is my setup = pc running iTunes. Local library of 20k songs. This feeds my squeezebox classic (connected to lounge speakers), and squeezebox radio in kitchen.

I thought I'd give Apple music a try as we have a plethora of Apple devices (using your excellent ipeng) to run squeezebox. We also use our idevices on the move.

You can download tunes via Apple music but they are drm protected. So they won't play on my squeezebox. Any ideas? Will shaiplay sort this?


2015-07-15, 16:49
ShairTunes doesn't cope with anything. But p with it you can play anything you can play on an iOS device (audio) through it and that's what Sonos does right now: connect an AirPlay receiver to their analog in.

It's a crutch, though, because you lose integrated control. You will have separate volume controls and play pause, it's essentially like playing a radio on the Squeezebox that gets controlled elsewhere. It's not really what I'd want to actually use.