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2015-06-27, 12:55
I'm using Sotify Premium on my Synology NAS for more than 12 mounths now. I have used it with the standard Thriode 3e party plugin. After a Perl upgrade it is not working any more. For details of my set-up see below. The listing is working with spotify but whenever album-art must be loaded it gives an error "general transient error". This means that nothing is showing and nothing can be selected.

Any Ideas ?

Copy from log where error is present:

[21:41:07.539148] toplist_callback:1013 toplist artists: 100
[21:41:09.007860] metadata_updated:86 new meta
[21:41:09.354419] main:619 req: browse.json res: spotify:artist:5eir5zFJpES4j7gsymbVyl par: (null) prot: HTTP/1.0 auth: (null)
[21:41:09.354687] main:1026 created artist browse
[21:41:20.828662] log_message:81 log: 19:41:20.828 E [ap:4172] ChannelError(0, 1, metadata)
[21:41:22.398314] log_message:81 log: 19:41:22.398 E [ap:4172] ChannelError(1, 1, browse-artist)
[21:41:22.398783] browse_artist_callback:166 browse artist: General transient error
[21:41:29.293422] metadata_updated:86 new meta
[21:41:41.333050] log_message:81 log: 19:41:41.333 E [ap:4172] ChannelError(1, 1, metadata)
[21:41:44.059636] log_message:81 log: 19:41:44.059 E [ap:4172] ChannelError(0, 1, metadata)

System setup:

Synology DS212+ with DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2
Perl software on NAS 5.18.4-0022
LMS 7.7.3-042 with Triode v2.3.9
Duet Receiver Firmware 77
IPad 2 with Squeezepad app version 1.11.0

Again thanks for your support

Jos Damen
The Netherlands

2015-06-27, 12:59
You probably have to update to a newer LMS version after updating Perl

2015-06-28, 04:39
several people, including me, were getting this "general transient error" yesterday. Problem seems to have resolved itself.

2015-06-29, 10:13
several people, including me, were getting this "general transient error" yesterday. Problem seems to have resolved itself.

Hello garym,

Thanks for this reply. Now all menu's are working. After reinstalltion of the LMS there is still a problem with playing music. All other functions are restored as normal.

I get the error "unable to play on this player". Playing music from the lokal NAS is not a problem.

See the information on the LMS:

[19:01:40.772768] main:813 newstream connection from 192.168.x.x (streaming device)
[19:01:40.847762] check_player:258 cli connection closed unexpectedly
[19:01:40.847866] main:871 unable to play on this player: -1
[19:02:07.300107] log_message:81 log: 17:02:07.300 I [offline-mgr:2058] 0 files unlocked. 0 images unlocked
[19:02:25.438474] main:619 req: stream.flc res: spotify:track:1tjY4H0X706ZH03SXa1DFh par: player=00%3A04%3A20%3A17%3A68%3A7c&start=0&sync=1&id=461 prot: SPOTSTREAM/1.0 auth: 43377034725a50424d4e65564b4c7571434e666d

Thanks in advance