View Full Version : Selling all my squeezebox players

2015-06-25, 03:30
Before I go ahead and ebay all of these individually, is anyone interested in buying them all as one lot. Make me an offer.

2 x Squeezebox boom (only one remote)
1 x Squeezebox 2 (black)
1 x Squeezebox 3 (black) - slight fading on the display, only noticeable when something scrolls across, slight burn in I guess.
2 x Squeezebox Radios (one with a battery back, no remotes).

All work perfectly, have all been in use up to a few weeks ago when I switched to Sonos. Slightly dusty but no scratches. All have working power cables.


2015-06-25, 05:21
Which country are you in Steve? Nothing in your post or your profile.


2015-06-25, 05:49
Sorry, I'm in the UK. In Farnham, Surrey if you want to collect.

2015-06-25, 07:22
You have PM

2015-06-25, 08:06
To save answering the same question over and over by PM. I'm asking if anyone wants ALL of these and if so to make ME an offer for all. I'm not looking to sell these items individually here.

If I'm going to sell them separately I'll do it via ebay and I'll share the ebay links here if anyone's interested.