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2004-12-10, 13:44
Hello Richard.

Thanks for your support.
Checked the registry: there were no settings at all. Followed your 'refresh'
instructions, and after some clicking around all seems OK now. All settings
are remembered after restarting.


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Ok, that's a Softsqueeze problem then. Try the Reset button on the
Softsqueeze Preferences window, this will delete all the existing
preferences and might fix the problem.

If that does not work can you check the Console in the Softsqueeze
Preferences to see if any errors have been reported. Then (assuming your
using Windows) can you check the windows registery, you should find the
Softsqueeze preferences stored here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\slim \softsqueeze.

Do the preferences exist, and do they look ok? How are you starting
Softsqueeze, using Java Web Start or running it as an applet? And what
version of Java are you using?