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2015-06-24, 07:59
Has anyone tried the Naxos-sponsored service? Is there a way to connect to it via LMS/Squeezebox?

2015-08-05, 11:00
i'm interested in this as well- could it be done via ickstream?

2015-09-16, 17:06
Bumping, because I'd like to get rid of Tidal, with it's horrible search function and metadata, and move to a better, cheaper service.

2015-09-16, 21:24
What's wrong with Tidal's metadata and search function?

2015-09-24, 17:45
What's wrong with Tidal's metadata and search function?

It can be very difficult to find a specific classical recording. It could be the under the disc title, one of the artists, the orchestra (and Sao Paulo Orchestra will give a different result from São Paulo Orchestra; Wiener Philharmoniker will be different from Vienna Phiharmonic). Also, it seems like the search results are truncated. I've found many albums by accident. I suspect they have recordings that are simply unreachable with any search.

They have a limited listing of selected recent albums in the classical genre, which seems to get only a few selected new things each month. However, by searching on new albums I'm waiting for periodically, I can see that there are new things being added that don't show up under the genre listing. But there's no way to list the latest classical albums they've added.

As for metadata, they often don't indicate which track goes with which work on the disc.

The hope is that since Naxos caters to classical listeners, they'll get all this right for the albums they do carry.