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2015-06-22, 13:01
I know this has been partly covered before but I cannot see that anyone has mentioned XPL and remote on before and think most people would find this useful. The possibilities are quite endless with Eventghost running on a home server alongside LMS.

Ok, so I am looking to remote control a number of Yamaha AV Recievers through my network. I am using the amzing Yamaha plugin with eventghost and XPL. https://github.com/BirdAPI/yamaha-network-receivers. I have everything working well but just need to crack one final thing to get it running smoothly. Effectively I need someone to advise me of the coding issue I am having with XPL.

I can setup my reciever to power on/off when LMS broadcasts the following commands:

xPL.xpl-stat:audio.basic:slimdev-slimserv.Upstairs:*:status=stopped,ARTIST= ,ALBUM= ,TRACK= ,POWER=1,
xPL.xpl-stat:audio.basic:slimdev-slimserv.Upstairs:*:status=stopped,ARTIST= ,ALBUM= ,TRACK= ,POWER=0,

However, if you power off a squeezebox when playing a song and then power it back on again it remembers the song and location in the track and continues to play. Great! but this generates a unique XPL ref such as following:

xPL.xpl-stat:audio.basic:slimdev-slimserv.Upstairs:*:status=playing,ARTIST=Taylor Swift,ALBUM=1989,TRACK=Welcome to New York,POWER=1, (I dont listen to Taylor Swift ;))

What I need to know is how I generate a generic rule that when ever POWER=0 or 1 is broadcast the receiver powers on or off. As you will appreciate I would be unable to create a unique rule for every track scenario. If this works then I would adopt this all around my house as already have two yamaha recievers and would get another two for other rooms.

Thanks in advance :)

LMS 7.9 and Squeezelite on WHS server 2012
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2015-08-28, 13:27
432 views but no one has similiar requirement? I am amazed.

2015-08-29, 00:06
432 views but no one has similiar requirement? I am amazed.

You do have a pretty rare combination of stuff, so I am not surprised that there isn't anyone with exactly the same requirements. I use XPL to do things like mute my music when the doorbell rings, but I am linux-based, so I don't use eventghost.