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2015-06-12, 14:29
Hi all,

I'm running in to a problem when a current song ends. It is suppose to go to the next song on the album. However the player simply stops, and I manually have to select the next song.

I know there is an option in the LMS server settings under the "player" tab where you can select the player to advance to the next song. This is set to "play other songs in album" for the correct (only have 1) player.
Also the App on my Android (Squeezer) is not set to repeat, shuffle or any other option.

Anyone else had this problem and knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!!!

LMS 7.7.3
Synology 212J (DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2)
Duet firmware 77
Remote App Squeezer on Nexus 5

2018-05-30, 14:09
3 years have past and still having the same problem. Did a search on google again and found my own topic :p
Anybody has a fix for this :(

Ps.I just uninstalled lms completely and installed the latest version of lms. No luck.....

New Info:
LMS 7.9.2-166.009
Synology 212J (DSM 6.1.7-15284)
Duet firmware 77
Remote App Squeezer on Galaxy S5+

2018-05-31, 00:07
What kind of content are you playing? Local music? Online streaming
service? Are the tracks queued up in the playlist (right hand side panel
in the web UI)?