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2015-06-06, 04:26
I have, among the other SB devices around my apartment, a SB Classic.

It's connected with analog to a pair of self powered speakers.

Today I tried turning it on from the web interface and play some music. Nothing came out. I started investigating.

Basically what I have is the player seems to be working. It's seen by the server, it's seen by the router (it gets connectivity through WiFi and gets assigned an IP). If I sync player with it and start playing from it, the other players play music.

But the screen stays off and no sound comes out of it.

I think I tried correctly the Xiling thing but the screen didn't turn on at all.

Optical connection shows the usual faint red light.

2015-06-06, 04:40
Maybe your PSU is getting weak. That's the #1 issue I think, with #2 being a fried wireless card.
You need a 5V, 2A PSU.
I think I have read elsewhere the Touch PSU is compatible. Please check this fact before taking action, I would hate to be the cause of the destruction of an SB3 :)

2015-06-06, 06:26
Yup, found out as much. Came here to report back. Basically the AC adapter wasn't keeping the device on correctly. It's strange because I measured it later with a voltmeter and it outputs rock solid 5.12 Volts... but I haven't checked amperage, maybe that's where the problem lies.

Luckily I had a brand new AC adapter from a spare SB 2 that I'm keeping in my stash and with that it works a charm.

Now I'll try to score a couple of extra AC adapters, since they seem to be one of the weakest links in the chain.

Thanks for your help, epoch1970.

2015-06-20, 11:27
Same problem, same symptoms (player seen by router, voltage Ok on Vm), same solution (new charger).
Thanks !

2015-06-20, 22:51
But a voltmeter draws no current , to really measure you must open the case and measure the voltage while the power supply is connected to the SB . The voltage while loaded is the most interesting one .