View Full Version : Squeezebox Classic connected and functioning - just not playing tracks/streams

2015-06-05, 08:06
My Classic recently went dead - turns out the power adapter was broken. Before finding that out, however, I had taken the box apart, taken out the wifi card and connected via LAN to see whether a broken WLAN PCI card was the problem (this had been recommended in some forums). Once the new power adapter arrived, the Classic luckily started again, and everything seemed normal. But once I selected a stream or track to play, it just would not start; it buffers til 100%, but then stalls. Tried factory reset, connecting to different server, but it always stays the same. Any ideas? Could I have damaged something when opening the device, forgotten to re-attach some cable?
Any ideas/advice much appreciated!

2015-06-05, 10:26
There's no cable in there, besides the wifi antennae cable(s). Had you failed to re-seat the antenna cable socket properly on the card, you'd get poor wifi reception but I don't see that blocking audio out.
Of course, volume is not set to 0, I suppose you've checked that.
Perhaps performing a Xilinx reset. (Hold key "1" while booting the player -- http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Special_IR_Keys_on_Reboot_for_Factory_Reset_and_La st_FW)
Or maybe reloading the firmware ? Unfortunately I don't know how to force reloading the same version..

2015-06-05, 19:49
Oh man, epoch1970, cannot thank you enough - Xilinx reset did the trick. Wasn't even aware of this feature. Audio was not off, the track simply did not start playing/loading, the display indicator of track volume would simply freeze. But all good now, the box is playing beautifully again.

2015-06-06, 04:35
Lucky me, lucky you. Glad I could help!