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Andrew Lucas
2004-12-10, 02:43
Andrew Lucas [alucas1 (AT) slb (DOT) com] wrote:
> (Article auto-converted from unnecessary HTML to nice plain text.)
> When searching by artist for example, if using the remote to enter the
> text to search by, the letter sequence isnt quite right.
> ie, if you want to get a number, you have to cycle around the letters
> twice - it goes "ABCABC2"
> Small thing but minor irritation if searching for "U2".
That'll be because of the @numberLettersMixed array in the
Slim::Buttons::Input::Text module. You get "abcABC2", and the initial "abc"
gets converted to upper-case. Various modules make use of the "INPUT.Text"
mode and some of them make use of the lower-case letters.

The solution would be for the caller to supply its own array. It could be
defined in the Slim::Buttons::Search module and applied as an arrayref in
various places in the %menuParams hash, probably using the 'numberLetterRef'

Another solution would be to delete all albums by U2. :-)


I did wonder if it was cycling through lower case but on the squeeze its all
shown as capital letters. and lower case or caps...guess it doesn't matter
too much if your searching.

Your other solution would for sure work though!!