View Full Version : Serarching LMS with BubbleUPnP

2015-05-22, 01:47

I use BubbleUPnP so that I can access my media server using an Android device. The problem I have is searching the media server. I want to be able to search the tags like I can at home! If there's no solution is there are there any other ways to access a music server via android and mobile internet?


2015-05-22, 03:00

you have to open some ports on your router, add a nat rule and must you any kind of dynamic dns.

but every single item of this todo list is a security issue and i would ask a friend of mine (if i am you) how this can be done "safer".

In fact there is too much to do and my net/lms is just aviable via vpn. (and thats another story with "expensive" Hardware.)

So just to "play" with your tags its not that usefully if you taike care of each isues above - there are other ways - like exporting the db and import is on your webserver (if you got any)

I wouldnt do it!