View Full Version : slimserver prefs not saved

George McFly
2004-12-09, 21:30
I'm running gentoo linux, using the binary distribution of slimserver
v5.4.0. I extracted the source into /usr/local/SlimServer_v5.4.0 and
created a link: /usr/local/SlimServer. I created a user, slim, to run
the binary. I am trying to use Kent Martin's rc script to run the

The preferences for the slimserver are not being saved.

I had create the user, slim, home directory in /home. I've since
changed the home directory to /usr/local/SlimServer. I've also changed
the owner of /usr/local/SlimServer to 'slim'. I've also tried changing
the home directory to /usr/local/SlimServer_v5.4.0 along with changing
the owner.

Does anyone have any experience using Kent's rc script with a slim user?