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2015-05-16, 21:21
I am a long time visitor and have enjoyed reading this forum over the years. I have gained a lot of information and troubleshooting steps. Thank you! I have slowly been migrating from the Squeeze Network and the changes with Rhapsody have sealed it for me. I am now at a point where I am ready to relinquish these items and I would prefer to sell to this audience before attempting ebay. I am selling the following as a package. All products are in their original packaging with minimal wear. I will send pictures and provide additional information upon request.

Squeezebox SB3 - White: This device has the SlimDevices logo on front. It includes the original powercord and remote. I have included an analog and Ethernet cord thought I don't know if these are the original.

Squeezebox Boom - Black: I really enjoy this device. It has the original bag and remote though the remote battery has expired. The original powercord was replaced with a powercord from Logitech. It does work but sometimes the cord has to be turned in the socket. The audio cable is not included.

Squeezebox Duet - Black: I hardly used these and all items are original. I don't recall if analog cables were included but I am not including any.

These items tend to sell for roughly $100 each on ebay. I am asking $250 or OBO for all three items plus shipping. I am located in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. Send me a PM if interested.

Thank you


2015-05-31, 14:48
Final step before ebay. $200+shipping for all three or make me an offer on an individual item.

2015-06-02, 13:12
Did you put these items up on ebay already? Or are they still for sale?

2015-06-02, 18:28
The items are still available. I have not yet put them on ebay.

2015-06-03, 09:23
PM Sent

2015-06-05, 23:53
All three items have been sold.