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Chris Mason
2004-12-09, 18:43
I use raid a great deal for my servers, all my data is kept on raid servers
for the increased reliability. However, raid will fail if one sector on the
drive goes bad, or if the machine crashes. It takes a lot of time to monitor
raid arrays, and skills to rebuild the raid and repair the drives. I don't
think raid is for the casual user and may give a false sense of security.
The best advice for most users is to keep a copy of your data elsewhere,
preferably two copies.

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I don't think people have read my posting - a RAID solution won't help when
your computer is stolen or you suffer a fire or even a lightning strike.
Spend the money on two external firewire (400Mb/s or 800Mb/s) drives
Use one at a time for a week backing p nightly, then swap with the other and
put it in the shed, take it to work or give it to a friend.

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