View Full Version : Four used Squeezebox Radios (2 black, one red, one white)

2015-05-12, 20:55
I have these four radios for sale. I have the boxes to all of them and the power adapters (no remotes, batteries or other accessories). The white one has a box from a black radio. Looks like they are selling used for a little more than a hundred each on eBay. I have disowned eBay (they don't seem to care) so I am not interested in selling them there.

This community really helped me when I was heavily into this platform. If anyone here would like to take all four of them I will let them go for $200. I'd rather not sell them individually so you're getting a great deal to buy all of them. I will charge actual shipping costs so if you want to do research on shipping coming from 73044 I will ship whatever method you decide, again, actual cost. I sold my two touches and duet here a couple of years ago, if you search the forum you can probably find those messages so you know I'm real and legit.

They are all in good shape, if you want pictures feel free to ask and I'll snap a few pics with my phone and upload to photobucket.

I don't frequent the forum here like I used to so it's best to send an email if you're interested.




2015-05-13, 23:57
Thank you for all the inquires. The radios are sold and being shipped out this morning.

2015-05-21, 22:38
After cleaning the closet out I found a fifth radio I had forgotten about. I'd like to get $50 + actual shipping for it. I do not have the original box for this one but I will pack it nicely so it arrives in proper order. I'd be happy to take photos of it powered up if you'd like confirmation it works.

If you interested please send an email to realcodeguy@gmail.com