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Kevin Walsh
2004-12-09, 11:22
spw [slim (AT) clock-tower (DOT) com] wrote:
> I don't think people have read my posting - a RAID solution won't help
> when your computer is stolen or you suffer a fire or even a lightning
> Spend the money on two external firewire (400Mb/s or 800Mb/s) drives
> Use one at a time for a week backing p nightly, then swap with the other
> and put it in the shed, take it to work or give it to a friend. SPW
While I agree that a RAID system won't save you from fire, flood,
famine, plague of locusts etc., it can be used as a backup solution.
Well, it can in theory.

Simply configure a hot-swap hardware RAID mirror and bring all drives
up to date. When you need to make a backup, simply remove one of the
mirrored drives and replace it with a blank. The blank will be
automatically filled with a fresh copy and the drive you removed
can be stored as a backup - offsite if you prefer.

That's the theory, anyway. I don't know what you'd do when you want
to restore the backup, but I imagine that it'd be as simple as inserting
the backup drive into the array, along with a blank. You'd want to
test and document the backup and restore process before relying on it.

Messing with RAID disks (or external disks, for that matter) seems
far too manual for my liking. Automation is the key, I think.

RAID arrays have their use. For instance, they are good for recovering
from a simple disk failure; You just replace the disk and don't have
to worry about restoring backups etc.

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