View Full Version : major Clear Channel / iHeartRadio stations not streaming...anyone else?

2015-04-29, 04:35
Until a week ago, they were all working but now all the "major" Clear Channel / iHeartRadio stations are not streaming on my SB radio. They are in New York (Z100, Q104, LiteFM), Philadelphia (Q102, Power99, DAS, Radio104) and LA (KIIS, 104.3 MyFM). Anyone else finding this problem?

I say major because they seem to have the higher ratings and bigger contest prizes. I also noticed the TuneIn app on my android doesn't have Clear Channel stations any more because TuneIn said they were told by Clear Channel to take them off; this has been going on for 2 years. Also I noticed my iHeartRadio App now plays a 15 second video ad every time I launch a station...so don't know if has anything to do with that.

Here's what's crazy. So smaller Clear Channel stations still streams: Philadelphia (Mix106, 1480am JJZ) LA (KOST, KROQ) so it doesn't make sense.

2015-04-29, 08:20
I lilve in the Denver area. I'm also having problems streaming a local Clear Channel station.

Newsradio 850 KOA - the local 50,000 Watt blowtorch - has stopped streaming on my Squeezebox. However, their smaller sister station - 710 KNUS - still works.

I have updated the software on my Squeezebox. I have also used the search function and tried to 're-initialize' the KOA station stream. But, there has been no change.

My Squeezebox times out and displays a '404 Not Found' message.

Very frustrating.

2015-04-30, 03:51
Same here; I've updated to latest firmware 7.7.3 and still same problem. From the screenshots on my Android remote, looks like all Clear Channel station icons are greyed out meaning no data is coming in. But some Clear Channel stations are still streaming. I suspect, iHeartRadio is playing around with new video flash streams and that's what's causing the problem.

Why can't anyone uncover their audio URL? It should be easy. Just find a URL that's pumping out sounds. Makes me so mad and think Clear Channel is so evil trying to hide something so basic.


2015-05-01, 12:06
This happened to me a couple of weeks ago with z100. I found all the URL's for iheart (an iheart url serves up the list) and manually copied the url into the favorite and it worked fine. That was when I was in NY. I just tried from the uk and the list that was served up was missing z100. What I don't know is whether it was omitted from the list because it is geo-restricted or whether they have hidden it. I'll take a peek later (vpn to the us) and see. Will also post the iheart url here when I get back to my PC.

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2015-05-01, 14:03
This is weird. Z100 started playing again on my preset but no album art. I don't know what I did but I switched to another station and switch back to Z100 and it was gone again. It doesn't make sense!

I'm only listening to them to catch the keywords for the iheartradio Contest and hate that iheartradio app because it runs that 20 second commercial every time. Think I'll call them iHateRadio now on.

2015-05-01, 14:05
Have a look here..

I'm listening to z100 NY now (from the UK).. shhh..

Search the XML file in the link for your station
each one has a section like this

<![CDATA[New York’s #1 Hit Music Station]]>
And you want the URL from the line stat starts

Copy this to the URL (in the web control) and then save as a favourite. it works for me.

I just wish I was smart enough to code a plugin to parse this lot into an Iheart selection list. Fairly sure it would be easy if you understand pearl...

2015-05-03, 01:26
Thanks @yeo. It works! Had to modify your Z100 a little probably because yours was from England. It doesn't make sense. It's not a .pls or .m3u file but it works!


So basically find Z100 from the list like on attached screenshot. Just in time because there's more Clear Channel stations becoming non-streamable.

Question: How did you find the iHeartRadio list ("http://www.iheartradio.com/cc-common/iphone/station_list.xml")?

UPDATE/CORRECTION: @yeo found out why your England link did not work. My mistake...copied it wrong as "http://whtz-fm.akacast.akamaistream.net/7/579/19972/v1/auth.akacast.akamaistream.net/whtz-fm</stream_url_v2>". So both US and UK links are the same.

2015-05-04, 16:00
Question: How did you find the iHeartRadio list ("http://www.iheartradio.com/cc-common/iphone/station_list.xml")?

I was so pissed when it stopped working that I trawled around for an hour and eventually found a link in another forum - did not expect it to work but it did. I figure on-line stations are all going to be making it harder and harder to listen to their streams unless you use their apps. Enjoy for now..

I saved a copy of the file in case they pull it - but of course, I am sure they will change the stream URLs

2015-05-05, 10:06
I just wish I was smart enough to code a plugin to parse this lot into an Iheart selection list. Fairly sure it would be easy if you understand pearl...
Not sure how useful it would be though as it's around 1000+ stations !
Without some sort of category or genre grouping it's a nightmare to navigate :)

I have a couple of stations saved as favourites, but at various points in the day they don't seem to connect.
I suppose it would get worse as the US wake up....

2015-05-19, 12:33
This is strange. All Clear Channel stations are streaming again, even on the old links. Album art are working also. Plus the Clear Channel links on TuneIn on my squeezebox works. Did @mberger or @erland read this post and fix it?

This is double strange, the Clear Channel stations on my Samsung smartphone Galaxy S5 TuneIn app however does NOT work.

Can anyone confirm and what's going on here?