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2015-04-27, 10:27
Napster account is working on tablet but when I try and use it on either of my duets it finds it, library is there. It buffers completely and appears to be playing yet I get nothing. Cables fine as its through a dac and the other bits are fine Reinstalled Napster. Cycled units. Factory reset. Radio works. Nasdrive works. Network fine. Wireless fine. How? What? Why? Help me please i'm considering defecting to sonos.

2015-04-27, 12:18

2015-04-27, 14:21
and even more specifically see this post by a developer. For any SB player other than TOUCH or RADIO (i.e., the other 'older' players), Napster/Rhapsody will no longer work. If you're using these older players, time to move to spotify or TIDAL via ickstream (or pick up RADIO or TOUCH players to use)