View Full Version : How Many Are Using Raspberry PI 2 to Replace Squeezebox?

2015-04-24, 07:23
It looks like a Raspberry PI 2 can run SqueezeLite and be managed by WEB Browser on iPad/iPhone. Anyone doing this?

Grumpy Bob
2015-04-24, 08:20
It looks like a Raspberry PI 2 can run SqueezeLite and be managed by WEB Browser on iPad/iPhone. Anyone doing this?

Of course a Raspberry Pi can be used to run SqueezeLite!

Check out piCorePlayer (Check the Unix/Linux forum here) - it's the most painless way of running SqueezeLite on a Pi. I am running two Pi B version 1 and a Pi version 2 as headless Squeezeboxes, managed via the web interface from a laptop or via apps on Android phone and tablet and on an iPad. In my case LMS is running on a QNAP NAS.

You can also use a Pi to Run LMS (but I found it a little slow).


2015-04-24, 10:23
In have a pi 512mb version running squuezeplug and the lms server there works perfect and faster than my ready nas duo (so probably could be slow to those use to a fast machine) and i can't see any reason for not using it as the main server. Then have a pi2 with hifiberry amp+ wifi which is better than my boom and duet in the fact it plays aac natively.

I can see a time when i have 5+ pi squeezeboxes as i want must in all rooms of the house and these things can sit in ceiling space or wall space powering ceiling or wall speakers.

I use squeezeplug or max2play as it's called now for the player as i couldn't get picoreplayer working with wifi adapter and amp. .but that is all down to user not product fault I'm sure :-)

And less than 100 for one of these players up and running!

2015-04-24, 19:06
It looks like a Raspberry PI 2 can run SqueezeLite and be managed by WEB Browser on iPad/iPhone. Anyone doing this?

Using an A+, working fine. Some will shout at me, but in that basic configuration, simple audio jack is good enough for what I'm doing and the A+ is so compact that it can fit easily inside the housing of other equipment.

2015-04-24, 19:15
At last count: 184.

2015-04-28, 05:25
I bought a rapsberry pi B for a Kodi installation... and just for trial or better by accident,I activated the LMS on my NAS and installed piCorePlayer on this Pi.
Now, Im running 5 raspberrys with piCorePlayer and even bought a Squeezeradio last week.

Im really wondering why people by this this incredible expensive Sonos and Raumfeld hardware...

2015-05-03, 18:52
I've been using one for several months to replace an SB Duet that was part of my collection of 4 working SBs. It's been flawless thus far.

2015-05-17, 22:52
I've been using a Raspberry Pi 2 and the Picoreplayer for a short time and I'm very excited about this setup. I've recently order the hifiberry amp and I'm looking forward to tinkering with. I think this setup as a lot of potential. Unfortunately Rhapsody is going to get left behind since I doubt they will ever be compatible with a Picoreplayer. So I'm working on getting Spotify set up and it looks like I might need to change the hardware running my LMS.

2015-05-18, 01:05
Just buy another pi2 and run lms on that! You could try running it on the pi2 with picoreplayer on but not s sure how well it will perform with both running. For 30 to have a solid lms server probably worth getting a second one.
Just out of interest. .how are you currently running the pi if you don't have an amp on the pi?through the headphone jack? What's quality like?

Or save a few quid and get a PI B+ instead for LMS


2015-05-19, 21:59
I'm running audio out of the headphone jack for now and I've got to agree with others, it sounds pretty darn good. I'm running LMS off a Netgear NAS that I've had for years, if it ain't broke don't fix it, but I'm pondering setting up the LMS on a Pi since I'll have more 3rd party options if I do.

2015-05-20, 00:25
I had my lms on a readynas duo then a pi b+ and yesterday i finally got roind to setting it up on a pi2..boy does it fly! Vs duo it's night and day. .vs pi b+ is morning and afternoon

For 30 it really is a no brainer