View Full Version : Time to Buy Back the Assets

2015-04-21, 06:55
With proper marketing LMS and hardware can be a success. Make simple to to install and stream to smartphones too over VPN. Social Media reduces marketing costs drastically.

2015-04-21, 08:00
Which assets? There are no assets besides maybe the brand name.

2015-04-21, 08:07
Does it also mean taking over and running mysqueezbox.com and all associated contracts with 3rd parties such as Spotify etc. ?

2015-04-21, 14:39
I have already told my wife that if we ever win the lottery that I would want to buy the Squeezebox name and rights from Logitech so I would have something to do with my time. With the power of the tiniest computers - like the Raspberry Pi - now sufficient to power the server and players it seems that it should be possible to streamline the Squeezebox experience to run on just about anything. I even wonder if it would be possible to deploy Squeezebox as a service similar to Spotify Connect or Google Cast. LG and Sony just recently announced their new speakers and receivers would have Google Cast built in so I imagine if Logitech had been smart they could have licensed the Squeezebox server/player to easily be incorporated directly into receivers, speakers etc. Of course I don't have a technical background so I could be completely off base but if I were in charge that is what I would have tried to do before flushing this great system down the toilet.

2015-04-21, 17:29
Which assets? There are no assets besides maybe the brand name.

I imagine there's a fair amount of tooling for producing the Radio, Boom and Touch cases, schematics for boards, etc.

But as to whether or not anyone could make a go of it with Squeezebox as a retail product (we've been over this a hundred different ways), the chances are slim to none. Unfortunately, the software is both the Squeezebox's strength and its Achilles heel. Its support costs are astronomical and sink any chance of profit unless the price were raised significantly.

Just about the only way I could see it becoming a practical retail product would be if you produced the server hardware and completely dropped any notion of running the software on umpteen releases of Windows and Mac OS X and random distros of Linux. player, ala Sonos and TinySBS on the Touch. I don't know how reasonable either would be, as I see both being fairly expensive propositions that would take the Squeezebox system into new territory price-wise and therefore market-wise. Not many people want a $400 Radio or a $500 entry-level Squeezebox. That server hardware could be a standalone non-playing server, or it might be a server running on a Squeezebox

2015-04-21, 17:59
The software is open source and the hardware is really old and full of no longer available parts, you'd have to completely redesign it anyway, so you can just as well start from scratch or with one of the 3rd party projects which are more modern anyway.

I doubt contracts would be transferable unless you buy a legal entity which there isn't anymore.

No, there are few reasons keeping someone from building a Squeezebox-compatible device except for the obvious problem that it's a real PITA to get all the legal and licensing stuff set straight for any consumer electronics device.
It's a huge difference between selling components and selling a functioning system, you need software- and patent licenses (for codecs), conformance certificates and all of that. That's the real issue.