View Full Version : Stuttering - Network problem? LMS 7.9 on ReadyNAS Squeezelite Win 7 x64

2015-04-20, 16:28
I am getting stuttering on a wired 1 GB network-connected Squeezelite-win install on dedicated Win 7x64 computer. A Transporter on the same network _does not_ have this problem. The server is ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer running LMS 7.9.0 - 1428327734. I am playing FLAC files. The Network Test plugin on the Transporter shows less than 100% throughput in the 1000, 1500 and 2000k tests, but is fine at slower network speeds.

Is there a command-line setting on the Squeezelite to buffer more of the network? I am guessing this is the problem. I want to play the Transporter and Squeezelite in sync in adjacent rooms, so the buffer must not result in different streams.