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2015-04-08, 13:13
Hello - my name is Jim and I'm a music junkie - please help me take the 10th step ....

Er, ah no - what I'm trying to do is find a viable replacement for the Logitech Squeezebox Controller app, which amazingly enough did a pretty effective job & from which I wouldn't change, except it no longer functions on Android 5.xx [MUTTER, Mutter, mutter...].

Downloaded SqueezeCommander from the Play Store, but apparently it's still in Zombie status since it's developer dropped out of sight some years ago - although it gleefully gnawed 5 USD from me in a single gulp. Has anyone posted the actual documentation for this app, since both known addresses for the file have been offline since 2013?

This will be the second time I've wasted more than several hours trying to decipher Christian's nested menu structure, which is weirdly non-intuitive, since it's acting as a front-end to commands that I know well - it just seems to take forever to associate players and servers in a meaningful fashion.

I've no real argument with Christian, his software was always functional and attempted to meet real needs in an attractive way. OTOH, at the very least, I've got to question the ethics of continuing to charge for an application that you've apparently no interest in supporting - is it time for him to either release his packages into the public domain, or pass them on to some entity or person who will provide at least minimum updates and support?

If my reading is correct, the only Android apps which have an actual following and are actively supported are Orange Squeeze and Squeeze Control?

I'm a little reluctant to pitch even more of my $$ into the gaping maws of Undead Apps, unless they're the only alternative in this Post-Logitech Apocalypse - so suggestions are appreciated

Cheers & Thanks


2015-04-08, 14:41
Hey Dr_Jim
Squeezer is another option you could try.
It has a nice interface, my only issue with it is the way it handles artwork (on my devices) in that there's quite a lag when scrolling.
My control app of choice is still Squeeze commander.

Cheers, Paul

2015-04-08, 17:30
Jim - I would give Orange Squeeze a try. I use it on my Nexus 5 and my Nexus 7, both of which are on Android 5.x.x. Orange Squeeze is updated frequently.

2015-04-08, 23:02
Yup, the official Logitech app as well as SqueezeCommander are currently unmaintained. You probably could have figured this out prior to installing by looking at the date of the last update. The latest version of each of those apps is older than three years, so they couldn't possibly have been tested against Lollipop.

Two apps which are still supported and developed are Orange Squeeze and Squeeze Ctrl.

EDIT: Another suggestion when you try an app... Uninstall it right away if it doesn't work. Remember that Google gives you some time to test an app. In Germany, it's two hours, not sure how long they give you in the US. Here, if you decide to uninstall the app within two hours of purchasing, they will refund you in full.

2015-04-09, 10:14
I use both Squeeze Ctrl and Orange Squeeze, but mostly the former. Works very nicely indeed.

2015-04-09, 10:30
When Logitech Squeezebox Controller stopped working after I upgraded my smartphone to Android 5.x.x I too bought Squeeze Commander. It might be unsupported but it seems to do the job fine so I will be sticking with it, at least for now.

(My main "controller" is iPeng but as it drains my iPad at a rate of knots I often change over to my Android phone once I select and start playing.)

2015-04-09, 10:50
If iPeng drains your battery disable "preserve connection" (as is the default), then it should be gentle, especially on iPad.

2015-04-09, 12:39
pippin, many thanks for that suggestion - I'll try it out.

Perhaps I was somewhat overstating the battery drain but the option to reduce it is very welcome.

2015-04-09, 14:04
Well, that's the default (to have "preserve connection" off) and then iPeng should not use any battery at all while it's not running in the foreground.

If you use it all the time and keep scrolling through your library it will obviously still consume battery power....

There's one other situation that can increase battery drain and that is when your server gets stuck in a scanning loop (the scanner never finishes), then iPeng will re-load menus over and over again and cause a lot more power drain.

2015-05-19, 16:07
Squeeze Commander rocks. I use it since many years. It's by far the best app. It handles smoothly the servers plugins like the Soundcloud one I just discovered, or even the Qobuz one. The day this app stop working for me will be a sad day.

The only down side I'm currently facing is that the application is unable to write to the external SD. I can only download my music from the server to the internal storage and then, need to move it manually with, say, ES explorer.

I have 5 box at home, and I use also Squeeze Player on my phone or tablet when I'm on the road, and SoftSqueeze from my office computer. All controlled from Squeeze Commander.

Sync mamagement on this app is gorgeous. I would gladely pay for the developer to get back to work.

Still works perfectly on Lolipop for me.

2015-05-19, 21:50
Squeeze Commander works very very well...

@Dr_Jim : what is it you need to understand, maybe long time users can help?

2015-05-23, 15:07
I'm running Squeeze Commander on an Sony Experia Z3 with Lollipop and don't have any problem at all

2015-05-28, 03:23
I'm running Squeeze Commander on an Sony Experia Z3 with Lollipop and don't have any problem at all

Also working fine with Lollipop on my Samsung GS5. After reading of general trouble w/ the 4.X to 5.0 upgrade I opted to do a factory reset and reload all my apps immediately after the upgrade (though Google does not require this)...don't know if this made a difference so far as Squeeze Commander goes.