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Keith O'Brien
2004-12-08, 21:49
Thanks for the explanation. However, I noticed that change log hasn't been
updated for either build. Can you let us know what changes there are as
far as bug fixes and features in both builds?


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Some of you may already have noticed changes to the nightly build
directory at http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/. In
the past, pulling the nightly build was a way to get the latest and
greatest version of SlimServer. The build would contain the latest bug
fixes but, as pre-release software, had the potential to be unstable
relative to the last official release.

Several projects are in the process of landing in the SlimServer source
tree. This will lead to a period of instability as we work towards the
next major version of SlimServer. With the aim of providing a more
stable base for short-term, safe bug fixes, we've branched the
SlimServer source tree for a short period of time. This branching is
reflected in the nightly builds directory:

5.4.1 - This is the stable branch that will contain smaller, safe bug
fixes. It will be the basis for a 5.4.1 official release. Grab this
version if you need to get a bug fix that made it in after 5.4.0, but
recognize that it is still pre-release software.
6.0 - This is the wild and wooly development branch that will not be
ready for daily use for a while. Grab this version if you are actively
participating in testing or developing new features and infrastructure.