View Full Version : Ruark R4i Audio Music System with LMS/Squeezebox?

2015-03-31, 03:48

Having been made aware of versatility and amazingly big sound of the Ruark R4i Audio Music System I am considering buying one. Has anyone any experience of using these with LMS/Squeezebox?

It has an iPod dock, and although I use Google Nexus phones I guess I could use some sort of convertor or even pick up an old iPhone (and in both cases run Squeezeplay)
It also has bluetooth (adapter costs extra) so I could pair it with my Android phone (and again run Squeezeplay).
If the worse comes to the worse I could run my Receiver or Touch through it.

Has anyone any experience of running a Ruark R4i with LMS/Orange/iPeng/Squeezeplay etc?

Late Edition: I am interested in getting the best sound quality I can which, in the examples above would probably mean running a Touch into the line-ins. However my young son will want to use Spotify (for which he does not have a premium account) so bluetooth to his Google Nexus phone might suit him best... but Ruark R4i only has one set of line-ins! (I've discounted the Logitech app as inadequate).

I don't know how the iPod doc works and have no idea if the sound quality would be better (or worse) than using the headphone-out to the line-ins or (via a convertor) to the iPod doc. Any advice a appreciated.

2015-03-31, 04:44
I would feed it's rear panel audio sockets from a RaspberryPi with an inbuilt DAC such as the IQ Audio (http://iqaudio.com/), control the RPi from OrangeSqueeze.

2015-03-31, 05:13
Use the iPhone dock and iPeng player.

2015-03-31, 08:31
Thanks chaps.

Unfortunately I don't think the Pi is a goer. I've never had much luck with *nix stuff and am too old (and busy) to have another go at the platform. And I am still left with the problem of my son and Spotify.

Bern. I think the iPod/iPhone route is probably the best compromise. Although I gave up on iStuff some years ago I can probably stretch to buying an old iPod or iPhone. I'm left with two questions though...

1) How recent an iDevice would I need to buy to run Spotify and iPeng at a decent non-frustrating speed. How does iPeng run on an iPhone 3 or 4?
2) Am i right to think that the audio signal via the iDevice connector is the exact same as the headphone out (type, size, impedance)?


2015-03-31, 11:47
I'd go for a recent ipod touch ideally the last model with 32 pin connector but if you end up with a newer one with lightning connector you will then need the ruark adapter AND the Apple 32 pin to lightning adapter.
You definitely should use the iPod dock rather than iThingy headphone out to line in. If you use the dock the Ruark DAC is used. If you use headphone then it's the iPod DAC in play.
If you are not storing any music on the iPod then an 8 or 16gb one will do.

2015-03-31, 11:59
Sorry didn't answer your question. No they aren't the same.
With the dock the Ruark DAC is used and the Ruark volume control is the only one you would use.
If you use the headphone jack then the iPod DAC is used and you will get two volume controls. One on the iPod and one on the Ruark.
The dock is therefore infinitely preferable.

2015-03-31, 23:16
Thanks d. I appreciate the clear replies. It looks like its a fourth generation 8gb iPod Touch for me then.


2015-04-02, 08:43
A change of mind.

Have just found this bad boy. Suits me much better (Android connectivity, built in bluetooth, no CD player, radio and really, really loud!)