View Full Version : SB Radio: Can IR port pass codes to Logitech Media Server?

2015-03-26, 19:53
I dunnow what forum this should go in so putting it here for now.

Can the Squeezebox Radio pass IR codes back to Logitech Media Server?

I'm thinking about replacing my SB3 with a Radio to power my whole-house audio. Most of the time i will be using Ipeng or the Duet Controller but I like being able to play around with custom keymap files etc. with some mini IR remotes I have laying around the house. For the SB3 I could set the logging on "(player.ir) - Infrared Activity & Map Parsing" to debug and see every IR code that the SB3 was receiving. From there I could create a custom keymap and do some custom actions.

It seems that the Radio handles the IR itself and doesn't pass it along to LMS. I do know that the IR port is working because the remote that I have set to the JVC DVD codes does turn the volume up and down.

Is there any hidden setting that I could turn on on the Radio to make this work?

2015-03-28, 09:21
I saw it is possible to tweak the Radio in order to answer to other remotes than SB's one
I am interested too in sending codes to LMS for home automation. Would need help from developer on Jive

2015-03-28, 09:23
Sorry, you need to go to beginning of the thread I pointed to

2015-03-28, 17:12
Sorry, you need to go to beginning of the thread I pointed to

Thanks! That makes sense to monkey with the files on the device itself and set the mapping up there rather than going through the server. I'll play around with it...