View Full Version : LaCie Ethernet disks - how noisy are they

Dondi Fusco
2004-12-08, 14:40
Oh, BTW, if you order a new LaCie Ethernet disk, they
now come with version 4.0.0 of the "server". This
version of the software does not allow the
user/Administrator to DO ANYTHING i.e., install apps,
open Internet Explorer etc. The GUI is replaced with a
locked-down, custom version of LaCie's GUI.

I was able to get to Windows Explorer etc by doing the
Hook the Ethernet disk up to a monitor & keyboard,
boot into the LaCie GUI. Bash CTR+ALT+DEL and bring up
Task Manager, go to the USERS tab first, then go to
FILE >> NEW TASK (for some reason the NEW TASK menu
item only shows up when under the USERS tab) and then
type EXPLORER.EXE. This is one of the only ways I was
able to bypass the front-end of the new 4.0.0 version
of LaCie's GUI to get to the WinXP Embedded
environment. After that, not sure if you'd be able to
install SlimServer though. Havent tried since ver 2.3
of the LaCie software and it would crap out from RAM
limitations vs. # of files etc.

-- Dondi

--- Iain Shaw <iain (AT) nqube (DOT) com> wrote:

> You're right that I'm talking about the NAS rather
> than the external
> Firewire / USB2 drives. I'm interested because I
> want to run one for a
> friend. The less messing about / installing apps he
> can do the better
> and the idea of running it on an Ethernet disk
> appeals
> Does anyone have experience of the data transfer
> rate of the LaCie
> drives specifically. I've taken note of the 733Mhz
> (ish) and 128MB
> spec, but this is not a huge library right now. If
> it becomes so it'll
> be headless server time.
> Neall wrote:
> >>I have a LaCie Ethernet disk. It is much more
> noisy than most pc's -- Up
> >>
> >>>there with my G5 with the fans on around 65%. Not
> something that you
> >>
> >>want laying >around your living room. A closet is
> the spot for these
> >>things -- at least the LaCie.
> >
> >
> > By ethernet storage, I assume you mean network
> attached storage (NAS). Be
> > very aware of the data transfer rates on NAS
> units. I bought a 120Gb
> > Tritton NAS from newegg.com, only to discover it
> took 2 days to transfer
> > my music files to it. After some investigating, I
> learned their data
> > transfer rate is 1.5Mb/sec... a reasonably slow
> IDE hard drive is 10x
> > faster. Unsuitable for a music server, in my
> opinion. Tritton also
> > embeds just a partial NFS server implementation...
> it hoses file
> > permissions on (linux) files. They took it back
> for a 15% restocking fee,
> > and I bought a LaCie USB 2.0 drive instead (very
> quiet). I can't speak
> > for a LaCie ethernet disk (or any other brand) but
> I don't think my
> > Tritton was unusual in it's snail-like transfer
> rate. Beware. Neall