View Full Version : RIP Daevid Allen

2015-03-17, 08:38
I had assumed someone else would have posted about this by now, but it seems not. For a mystical kind of guy, it seems kind of appropriate he died on Friday 13th.

Gong has been part of my life since I discovered them as a teenager back in 1973.

Rather than attempt any kind of obituary - you can find plenty on the net - I'll relate a personal story:

I was at a Daevid Allen solo show at the Boat Race in Cambridge - must have been about 1990. After the gig, Daevid was at the bar, and I did something I've never done before or since - approached the performer to say hello. He was an imposing figure - I'd guess possibly as much as 6ft 6in tall, and although when he shook my hand I could tell he was pretty powerful, as he chatted for a few minutes he seemed very gentle, and there was no hint of self-importance. He just seemed a regular guy happy to pass a bit of time with a stranger.

I asked him if it was true that Charly Records had never paid him any royalties, and he confirmed that it was, but he didn't seem bitter. "I'll just have to keep gigging until I'm 99!", he joked. It's a shame that he only got as far as 77.