View Full Version : Petition Qobuz Streaming service to offer a "Radio mode" like other streaming servic

2015-03-16, 09:57

Qobuz, the french streaming service, certainly have great audio quality, and since they finally fixed (mostly) their search engine, they are now a vialbe alternative to Tidal/Wimp Hifi/Deezer Elite.

However, what they lack is some form of dynamic playlisting, mostly known as "Radio Mode". Since they have a section for user requests, and this has been asked for numerous times, I thought I'd give this a go and use their "suggestions" board to try and generate some momentum for this.

So, if you are a Qobuz user and would like to see this implemented, please vote for it here:



2015-03-16, 15:13
Done.. although have you tried Qobuz with Michael's SmartMix plugin? It's a great combo for finding new music.

2015-03-17, 01:14
I know SmartMix and have used it, but for classical music it does not work with Qobuz. I've tried it and discussed it with Michael, and apparently it's not easy to fix.