View Full Version : LaCie Ethernet disks - how noisy are they

Dondi Fusco
2004-12-08, 11:45
Its not just an enclosure, its a complete external
hardware RAID system that comes with 5 hot-swappable
drives(Five 160Gb drives @ RAID 5 = One 640Gb
Redundant Volume). Has its own redundant controller
card etc. Check out the specs online, its pretty
reliable. Once I got it, I configgered it via its
front-panel display for RAID-5, plugged it in, created
a share and started dumping my music onto it. Set-up
took about 5 or 6 minutes and if whatever machine its
hooked-up to ever gets hosed, I can always pick it up
and plug it into the next machine :)

-- Dondi

--- Mike Marley <mmarley (AT) accupoll (DOT) com> wrote:

> hmmm.... very interesting. Yeah, I have about 220GB
> of music on a
> 250GB drive right now which I back up to another 250
> drive. Obviously,
> I am almost full and I need to come up with a better
> plan that involves
> backing up. I like raid as a solution, whether it
> be raid 1 or 5 and I
> love the idea of external firewire. It seems really
> cool. It is just
> so darn expensive. Did you just buy the enclosure
> and populate it
> yourself?
> While on this topic, I would also like to know what
> other people are
> doing for their LARGE music collections. I am
> running my slim off an
> OS X box using iTunes FWIW.
> Mike M.