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Roger Mitchell
2004-12-08, 10:00
Mark - Use Outlook Express and set up a news account. Works a treat. Email
me if you need to know how and send you instructions.

Newbury, UK

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On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 03:31:59PM +0000, slim (AT) hergest (DOT) demon.co.uk wrote:
> >I stepped through the subjects of the last 2 months of this mailing
> >list but found nothing that specific. There's no search function :-(
> There is a search function. Go to
http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_resources.html and right at the top there is
a search facility using google.

Thanks for that hint. I bookmarked the archive and that points only to
http://lists.slimdevices.com/lists/listinfo/discuss from where there is no
link to the search function...

I indeed now found an answer in
Seems like I have to be patient until slimserver has built up the catalog.

Maik Musall <maik (AT) musall (DOT) de>