View Full Version : Another WiFi Hardware Player: Sugr Cube on Kickstarter

2015-03-10, 05:31
I still use my Squeezebox Radios on a daily basis but sometimes I felt that it would be great if it could be lighter when I move it around in patio (with the battery clearly). Recently I found a WiFi hardware player project called 'Sugr Cube' on KickStarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1350952796/sugr-cube-touch-to-stream-and-share-music) is something I expect. It is small (just a cube of size of the speaker), and claims to play 5 hours and more importantly it is a WiFi player (not a bluetooth one) and be capable to control from your touch and a mobile app.

I gave my fund to this project and expect this project can deliver in time.