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2015-03-02, 11:12
Hi everyone.

When I am creating playlists on the web interface, if I want to add a song to an existing playlist I can't really see how to do it.

The only way so far, is to load the playlist, then find and add the track, then save as a new playlist.
If I happen to use the exact same name, then it overwrites, otherwise it creates a new playlist.
There's no list of existing playlists to add to.

If I go to playlists first and click add, I get a free text box, so not sure what that's about.

The above is not really very good when you hit something on random play you want to add to a playlist, as you have to stop listening, load up the list, find the song and then go back to random again...

It seems even harder from the device itself (Boom / Touch / Joggler / Duet / Android), however at least on the web interface would be nice.

Am I missing something really obvious here?

2015-03-02, 11:46
Have a look at the PlaylistManager plugin. It adds an item to the context menu that allows you to directly add a track to a stored playlist.

2015-03-02, 13:39

I've got version 6 of playlist manager installed, however I can't see any difference at all in the web interface, and there is no settings link next to the plugin in the settings page... which on the website where I got the plugin it says there should be...

Do you have this enabled properly in our web UI?

2015-03-02, 13:42
It should be in the context menu ("M").
Sorry, can't look it up right now, I'm on an iPad.
In most a Apps and on the devices it's "hold"ing an item

2015-03-02, 14:49
M opens the details in the left panel. I can see nothing there about adding to playlist, just the usual album / artists etc...

I have not tried yet on devices, however I must admit I am more likely to create playlists on my desktop.

2015-03-02, 14:52
OK, there's an "add to..." on my joggler which does exactly what was described, so that's one step forward!


2015-03-02, 15:09
On the web-UI the other work arounds is to load the playlist to an unused player , if you only got one player install the local,player plugin or squeezelite or SqueezePlay somewhere , it does not even have to work .

Or if your going to,design something big use another app altogether make you playlist after that use any text editor to quickly replace the paths in the playlist place it the playlistfolder and rescan .

But I usually cue up,the playlist on an unused player in the web UI , it supports drag and drop so it's reasonably ok , LMS playlist functionality is not fantastic .

I'm finding myself gravitate towards the smartmix plugin I begin with an album or a couple of tracks then I let smartmix work .

I do have the playlist manager plugin ,works fine from iOS or the player interface .

2015-03-07, 19:48
I just loaded Playlist Manager and it doesn't appear to do anything in the web interface. In fact, the "M" button for tracks in the web interface appears to do nothing. It behaves the same as clicking the track link itself and just brings up the trackinfo page (as wcndave said).

2015-03-07, 21:57
Playlist Manager only works on the player interface (on my SB3 using the remote) and allows you to add the current track to a playlist.

2015-03-07, 22:17
Playlist Manager only works on the player interface (on my SB3 using the remote) and allows you to add the current track to a playlist.

And SqueezePlay interfaces and iPeng ( add to other ) .

So I find it usefull .

If I happen to sit at the computer I load the list to a unused player and edit that way .

As LMS is now comunity based and none of the current devs have expressed any great interest in playlist .
We just have to hope that some one with coding skills and the need for improved playlist editing joins the project.

For my modest needs just loading the list in the web-UI without a player would be the only mod I need .

Then I can add tracks and reorder via drag and drop and save to the same name . Oh and a small mod to have save and save as .
As it is now the "save" is really "save as" it ask for the name .