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Aynsley Blake
2004-12-08, 06:52
FWIW, I have an Aiwa VCR which has always behaved oddly when using the
slim remote.

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It's the original Rega Planet which is now used as transport to an
external DAC. I don't ever use the CD player's remote, so I wonder
if I
can yank a wire internally to disable it.

For grins I just broke out the Planet's remote control and sure
most of the buttons on it do some some equally odd things to the

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Subject: [slim] Slim Remote Interferes With CD Player

> What CD player make/model are you using?
> I'm sorry to say this but if there's a problem it's probably your
> player's fault. Our remote's NEC-compatible codes are uniquely
> and should not conflict with any other well behaved devices.
> On Dec 7, 2004, at 9:12 PM, JJ wrote:
>> My CD player's remote sensor apparently listens on the same
>> as the Slim remote and reacts to it in all sorts of bizarre ways.
>> find myself having to cycle the power to the CDP to get it to
>> fully after the Slim remote has talked to it. It's less
problematic if
>> there's no CD loaded, but it still does some funky stuff when hit
>> the remote.
>> Short of turning off the CD player whenever I want to use the
>> Squeezebox via remote, how can I get past this problem? I've no
>> to rid myself of the CDP just yet.