View Full Version : Slacker "Play Favorites Radio"

Tony T
2015-02-23, 19:44
Slacker has a "Play Favorites Radio" (similar to Pandora's "Quick Mix")
Not sure how long Slacker has had this, so it may not be new, but I can only access it through their Web Site or Mobile App.

Can Slacker's "Play Favorites Radio" be added to the Squeezebox App or Web UI?

Tony T
2015-02-23, 20:21
Slacker also (new?) has an Artist tab in "My Music". Can this also be added to the squeezebox Slacker App?

Tony T
2015-02-24, 17:12
Solved!! :) :)
Chatted with Slacker, and if you play the "Play Favorites Radio" mashup station on Slackers Web site, it will show up as recently played on the Web UI, and can then be saved as a Squeezebox favorite :)