View Full Version : "Explicit music"and other censorship in music services ? whats your strategy .

2015-02-21, 13:03
"Explicit music" censorship in music services ? whatís your strategy .

How do you deal with this and other censorship .

This is one of the many reason why a streaming service can not replace a personal collection .

Spotify has both versions and WIMP too, on wimp its not the top item in a search its a bit of hussle to get the real version of a track but you can find it .

How are other services and what do they do and what do you do ?

Maybe its a cultural thing . Public service Radio here in Sweden sometimes has the delicate problem of getting the "real version" from American labels who assumes a radio station want the "flat earth version" .
The Radio here aim to always use the real song as the artist intended it to be .

In an international context it can be hard to handle, spotify here in Sweden get some flac for it ;) people are sometimes miffed about having "explicit" stickers in their playlists and complain about it.
These servies crosses borders it can be hard for them .

In my mind listening to service is private listening not puplic .

If a service want to introduce a family filter as option go for it , but it should never be the default strategy just a service for the sensitive listener .

My point is that it is an artistic choice if you donít like someoneís potty mouthed lyrics or political lyrics,simply donít listen to that artist , but do not egress in to others right to do so :) how simple it is .

My strategy is to buy and download important stuff and explore via services , once everything goes via a streaming service we are in for a horrible hybrid of Disney and Orwell imho .

Any experience on which service is the best regarding free speach issues . please comment .

I see some worrying tendencies reading other treads how broadcaster want everyone to use apps done by to them known software or hardware vendors .
The god old broadcast concept what about that ? now they want to know who is in the other end all the time ?

Sorry for the rambling , maybe my thoughts are not coherent enough rigth now .