View Full Version : streaming OGG radio to SBS and Squeezelite

2015-02-20, 12:05
Hi All,

I wonder if someone can shed light on this. let me give you some background, I am building an internal internet radio feed to stream audio from my record player in the living room to my kitchen. For this I am using a raspberry pi, Darkice and icecast2. This is all working fine as I can pickup feeds through VLC on my laptop.

When I try and add the feed I get differing behavior on my Squeezelite player.

For OGG Vorbis abr and vbr the stream plays and then drops out after 1-20 seconds. The stream is still running as it is still playing through my laptop on VLC.

I am currently using the latest nightly SBS 7.9.0 - 1424339864

and Triode's Squeezelite 1.18b (EDIT this should be 1.7) on picore player.

Any ideas. I have had mp3 working, but ideally wanted to use OGG.


2015-02-20, 13:36
Why don't you use the wav input plugin assuming your Pi is running LMS?