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2015-02-18, 12:05

I guess many of you have heard a bit about the Amazon Echo. I've got one on order but it won't be here for a while.


From what I read, it is a decent but not audiophile audio player. It supports bluetooth.

Of course it has me thinking about how this could become a member of the Squeezebox universe? At $99 for Prime customers it is fairly cheap.

I can connect my phone via bluetooth to the Echo and run a Squeezebox client on my phone to play music but it would be really cool if Squeezelite could run natively on the Echo and eliminate bluetooth.

I guess many will scoff at the idea but I find it intriguing? One can already run Squeezelite on the Fire TV stick so maybe there's hope?

Developers can contact Amazon here:

Connect with the Echo Team (https://developer.amazon.com/public/solutions/devices/echo)

2015-02-18, 13:36
i have one, it's fun, and can play prime music, pandora, spotify (via phone), i<3radio and tunein. no direct line in; sound is "ok."

2015-02-19, 08:51
I have one on order. I hope it runs Linux, maybe it could be rooted and Squeezelite installed. If not a Pi could be shoehorned in there.

It has that cool wheel at the top too.

2015-02-19, 12:10
Someone on Slashdot recently dubbed the amazon echo 'stasi tech.' Being East German, I couldn't agree more.

2015-02-19, 12:25
the irony of getting us to pay for the very technology they can exploit to do what we always faught against them doing

2016-10-08, 12:29
I found this:

I run my squeezebox server on Raspberry Pi 3, and am reasonably geeky, but have to say that the instructions for that muzak skill are beyond me. I would *love* to be able to control the squeezebox with the echo... "Alexa, play last week's 'Just a minute'"... I can dream, right?

The echo sound is pretty good to our ears. We have reasonably good speakers for the squeezebox (they cost more than the echo) but sometimes we think that we are listening to the squeezebox when it turns out to be the echo.

If the echo could play BBC iPlayer Radio catchup I think I would find it hard to keep my squeeze eco system running.

Paul Webster
2016-10-08, 13:33
I found this:
If the echo could play BBC iPlayer Radio catchup I think I would find it hard to keep my squeeze eco system running.
The people behind "Radio Player" (think BBC iPlayer across most of UK over-the-air stations) are expecting to bring out support for accessing On Demand content. They worked with Amazon to get their initial "Skill" released to support live playing of their supported stations.

2016-12-18, 13:09
Funnily enough, I've actually had a resurgence with the squeeze ecosystem. I had some issues with my RPI server so had a look around for what has changed since I first built it on a rpi1 years ago. I found max2play and built on from that, making my own 7" "touch" and even adding another squeezebox radio to my network. Max2play makes all the annoying stuff so easy now like restarting the server and player.

The echo is much underused to be honest. Good for basic stuff only.