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2015-02-08, 08:00
Is it possible to add a subwoofer to any of the squeezebox devices or is it only possible with the boom?

2015-02-08, 10:31
Is it possible to add a subwoofer to any of the squeezebox devices or is it only possible with the boom?

The other squeezeboxes does not have any subwoofer filter built into to them possibly Radio ? .

Yuu can always put an y split cable to a classic and route the extra signals to the subwoofer , but the main speakers will get full bandwith .

The best option is a subwoofer the comes with and built in crossover and line outputs after the crossover .

2015-02-08, 11:17
An easier and more flexible way would be to get a preamp that has two audio outputs. One can get a passive preamp for very little money such as the CIAudio VPC3 that does exactly this.

VPC•3 Passive Controller (http://www.ciaudio.com/products/VPC3)



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2015-02-09, 11:53
The inherent benefits of bi-amping (sub/main) are not met when both sub and main get the same signal. As always, this leaves the "high" trying to reproduce the bass and vice-versa.

Huge improvements in effective wattage (amperage, really) result from feeding the low speaker(s) the lows and the high speakers the highs.

Additionally, one of the wonderful things resulting from bi-amping is the ability to balance the bass output to allow for both taste and speaker placement.

Even "speaker-level" crossovers in a sub are better than force-feeding frequencies to speakers that were not designed to reproduce them.


2015-02-09, 13:47
the SB Boom does a very good jopb at feeding a sub through the audio out. doing so produces an amazing effect, it allwed the Boom to fill my large garage with Gym with very high quality sound.

now there are an increasing number of DACs and Integrated Amps with the ability to offer separate, configurable separate outputs for speakers and a sub. the NAD D7050, D3020 and their higher end M12 are examples (i have installed the D7050 for a friend -works great- and intend to get the M12. i do not work in audio in this is not an endorsement, i only mention products that have that built-in capability).

you *can* pleasantly complement full-range bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer to add a subtle low end boost, but it is a very delicate exercise, and often people end up with something that sounds worse as a whole. i am doing that with my current setup, but the sub is turned to 10% volume at most. i experimented with the internal sub's crossover and it murked things up, not an option with my setup.

2015-02-09, 14:02
The best thing is to actually have a line level or preferably a digital filter in the amp or ht reciever or ht processor . and accept that the squeezebox is source component .

If this filte is good (read steep enough ) conected with some DRC very good results can be obtained .

I do unload the deepest bass from my main speakers but i do xover as low as possible , given the speakers i use , some experimentation required .

However such an active speakers as the AVi ADM9 has its own built in sub xover for a dedicated optional sub , maybe there are more active speakrs with this feature if one wants a self contained system with just squeezebox and speakers and sub .

If you have passive speakers just get an amp with sub xover .