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2015-02-04, 00:22
On Kickstarter there is a Project with a new All-In-One Remote!


Since it's working not only with IR, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, it will also support (custom) Http-Requests!
They already implemented the Sonos interface into the remote, an integration for Squeeze(Box, Slave) will come on their map if requested by many of the backers.
Every backer which ask vor Squeeze(Box, Slave) integration will count to get a remote with a beautiful Squeeze(Box, Slave) interface...

Check it out!

2015-02-04, 06:23
For Sale (whenever this arrives) - Logitech Harmony system ;-)

2015-02-06, 15:21
Hey watchda,

It was on the news here in Switzerland and I appreciate the Idea. However: Integrate it with Squeezebox and don't just make it a hollow promise, when posted in this forum...

As for the moment there is AppleTV, Sonos etc...some mainstream devices ,where marketing is (more) important...

lets see:)

2015-02-09, 01:24
Hi Esel

Sorry, i updated my post!
I posted the informations about NEEO here in the hope to have many Squeezebox users as backers to get the Squeezebox integration on their map!

There will be a survey at the end of the campaign and every backer which vote for Squeezebox will help to achieve this integration...

2015-02-12, 13:46