View Full Version : Superdatetime - unable to get it working

2015-02-02, 12:05
I installed the plugin and tryed many different settings.
I have it setup as screensaver when off. It however only displays: The Weather Underground Icon - The Clock and on little bar.

Any idea would has gone wrong?

Here are my (nearly standart) settings:

I can click the plus button and it just shows refreshing and back to my screen where I cant see anything except icon and time.

2015-02-02, 14:10
The original plugin was broken by changes to weather.com and you will have to update your version to one of the two replacements that other community members (BoomX2 and tcutting) have released to fix things.

Start by checking out this thread:


2015-02-04, 01:58
Thanks alot. There seems to be a couple of updates.

After finding another "Date & Weather"-plugin on the 3rd party apps, this one is enough for my needs:
Check the weather in the morning to see if I need to bring rainclothes when on my bike to go to work. Thank you

2015-02-09, 04:20
I want to go e step further: Slimserver Plugin to access Google Calendar

Which plugin is "still working" to use Google Calendar entries?

Best would be: Todays weather + Today Google Calendar tasks?

I found:
but also:
that it should be possible to use SDT?

Or is it even another plugin?

Thank you