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Dondi Fusco
2004-12-07, 15:23
Sure... I have a large music library ~70,000 tunes. In
the past I tried using spanning volumes of IDE disks.
I have mainly WinXP network (3) clients plus one 500GB
Ethernet Disk.

To accommodate the MUSIC FOLDER for the SLIMSERVER, I
wanted all my music under one share. When I first did
spanned volumes I put 4 IDE drives together and made a
music share. Problem with that was, once everything
was tagged etc & if one disk craps-out you lose
EVERYTHING!!! This happened twice.

I moved on to RAID. I wanted a RAID-5 solution, so
that if a drive failed, I could replace the drive and
populate the new drive with the data without losing
anything. This is where Im at now. The 500Gb Ethernet
disk actually uses WinXP Embedded with two 250Gb IDE
HDs spanned. I connect the MicroNet RAID via FireWire
to the back of the Ethernet disk. All my clients read
the media from the shares (MUSIC, VIDEO and FILES).
Music is the only thing on the RAID, VIDEO and FILES
are on the 500Gb portion of the Ethernet disk.

You can configger as RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 0+1 and JBOD.
Here's a link to the RAID I have:

A bit expensive, but worth the piece of mind and
hassle if a disk ever fails. I dont have to go through
the restore process from over 550+ CDs and retag etc.
:) All I have to do with RAID 5 is replace the defunct
HD and it rebuilds itself. Priceless :)

-- Dondi

--- Mike Marley <mmarley (AT) accupoll (DOT) com> wrote:

> Would you mind expanding on the Micronet Raid? I am
> thinking of going
> this route as well. I would love to hear your
> thoughts on the unit.
> The more details the better. :)
> Mike M.