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2015-01-31, 12:12
Qobuz, it appears, is being especially irritating today:

First, I attempted to play the new Mark Ronson album (to see what it's like, as you do), and the SBT kept stopping for re-buffering. On checking the website, I noticed that the album is no. 2 in the streaming 'chart', so I wonder if this problem is because it's popular. This is really not good when you're playing it (very) loud.

Then I selected a different album (actually the 'The Best of Bill Evans' just recently mentioned on here - thanks pablolie), and it got to track 4 and it did the play-30s-then-skip-to-next-track thing. On checking the album on the website, it says this track is "Uavail. individ."

But, I'm not playing the track 'individually', I'm playing the album! I believe this is actually because some tracks aren't available for streaming for some 'rights' reason or other, and that this is a poorly phrased explanation. Whatever, this is also irritating.

Is it just me?

2015-02-19, 08:54
Furry...would I be right in saying that you are on the Basic subscription?

2015-02-19, 11:11
As far I know there was a maintenance today on Qobuz servers ...

2015-02-19, 21:18
Possibly if he had problems on the 18th.

However, Qobuz are being very misleading on their website regarding what the Basic subscription offers. It says in two places that you can access your music 'on the go'. This implies either listening offline or streaming onto a mobile device. And so it did and was the reason why I subscribed. I have a small workshop in the garden and used my iPod to stream into an old hi-fi system.

However, this was a technical loophole as Qobuz have no intention of letting anyone use a mobile device on the Basic subscription. Despite what the website says. They want you to stump up and pay much more each month for the privilege.

So they blocked the loophole and now, like the symptoms provided by the OP, only let you listen to 29 or 59 seconds of each track before going onto the next one.

So - simple answer - don't trust Qobuz.

2015-02-21, 11:10
Furry...would I be right in saying that you are on the Basic subscription?

No, I'm on Qobuz Hi-Fi.