View Full Version : Port of Slim Server to run on TiVo Hardware?

John Hunt
2004-12-07, 14:00
I like the sound of that! My UK TiVo hard drives are failing and I have an
airnet (Wi-Fi) card in the TiVo so something like slimserver would give me the
incentive to put in larger discs than normal.

Unfortunately for the UK, TiVo pulled out the UK market but there are still
loads out there running 2.5.5 software.

John M Hunt

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> Has anyone besides me thought of how cool it would be to run SlimServer on
> your TiVo box? My TiVo is a linux box with a boat load of storage built
> in, and it would seem to have capacity to spare to run as a Slim server.
> The advantage here would be that I don't have to dedicate a PC or server
> to running Slim, just let the Tivo sit there in my entertainment center
> streaming songs to my Squeezebox...
> I don't know of a working Perl for Tivo, so this is probably a deal
> killer, but the idea came to me tonight and I thought I'd put it out there
> in case anyone has thought of it, or already done it...
> -Jim