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Tore Johnsson
2004-12-07, 11:53
Thanks Dean for your answer

I am running Windows2000 prof.

Sorry to say it slipped my mind that I changed from partion E:\ to D:\
Thanks for reminding.
I think that will solve the problem.
Kind Regards

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Ämne: [slim] "Nothing to play" when computer restarts


This should work just fine, SlimServer saves out the current playlist
and should reload it when a player reconnects or the server starts up.

What OS is your SlimServer computer running? Is your playlists folder
set correctly?


On Dec 7, 2004, at 12:21 AM, Tore Johnsson wrote:

> I have a Squeezebox and Slimserver 5.4.
> I close the computer where Slimserver is installed, over night.¨
> When I start in the morning “Now Playing” there is nothing to play.
> Probably has the playlist disappeared.
> What I remember is that the Slimserver 5.31 gave the possibility to go
> on with the playing from night before (even after closing Slimserver.
> I can be wrong about this.
> But what I wonder is: Is it possible to in some way save playlist etc
> from the time when I close the computer until I start it again so it
> is possible to just press play and there will be music.
> Since I have about 20000 songs it takes some time just to start
> everything in shuffle mode.
> Kind Regards
> Tore Johnsson