View Full Version : Edgar Froese has died

Philip Meyer
2015-01-24, 08:17
It's a sad day. Edgar Froese, the founding member of the German electronic group Tangerine Dream, has died in Vienna, aged 70.

I didn't know that he was born on D Day.

Now playing: loads of Tangerine Dream music.

2015-01-24, 14:54
It's been a bad year or so. I suppose we are all getting older and nearer to the runout groove.
I will play Phaedra later this weekend in memory.

2015-01-25, 04:56
Yes, it's very sad. I'm loving his music since mid of the 70s. Saw him live on stage with Tangerine Dream several times and I was lucky to see them just last summer.
His face was heavily marked from an injury where he broke his jawbone, but his surprising death now is obviously completely unrelated to this.