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Craig, James (IT)
2004-12-07, 03:33
This is why I recently wrote an iTunes Party Shuffle plugin.
Songs are loaded into the Slim playlist only 1 in advance of the
currently playing selection.
You'll find it at www.jamescraig.co.uk/SlimServer

(Windows only, sorry)


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Robin Bowes wrote:
> Kevin Murphy wrote:
>> I'd love to be able to duplicate this behavior on my SliMP3, but I've

>> been unable to find an appropriate menu option anywhere, and the
>> directory structure of my music library seems to prohibit me from
>> being able to simply hit "Play" when browsing the Music Folder (at
>> least to the end of getting this functionality).
> On my system, if select "shuffle song" then "browse Music folder" and

> click the play "all subfolders" button it will do what you want.
> Depending on the size of your music library, it could take a while to
> create the playlist!
> R.

Personally I would rather see a "jukebox" mode that simply queued up
another song and always kept two or 3 in the in the queue. That way the

system would not have to build me a playlist of all 25,000 songs every
time I wanted to listen to music this way.

I use my ipod in the same exact way that I would like to use my slim. I

have a server full of songs I like, when I fire it up it would be nice
for it to have a mode where it just plays them. If it happens to select

a song that I really dont want to hear I just hit the "next" key, and it

will find me something else.

I guess the cool trick down the road would be for the server to use
"smart select" and if I skipped on a song while I was in that mode it
would do a "less songs like this" and if I listened to the whole track a

"more songs like these" trick and intelligently select songs that I am
likely in the mood to hear.

This allows me to have a large collection and not have to dig through to

find and compile playlists. I find that my collection is so large that
many times I dont even listen to it because it is a hastle to navigate
and I would rather just pull up an internet radio station. Bummer about

internet radio is I cant say "skip this song!" like I could with my

This would be such a cool feature.... please add it!!!